Animation & Motion Graphics

Why Online Animated Videos

A strong animated motion graphics video is a great way to introduce your product or company. Videos are able to convey a message much better that plain text, and have even been proven to do things like increase conversion rates, lower a company's cost per lead, and increase search engine optimization. And, high quality animated videos in particular are shown to generate greater response rates that typical "talking head" videos, at a fraction of the cost of traditional corporate video shoots.

Content marketing is key for any business, but its changed a great deal over the last few years. Blog posts and text articles, formerly the main drivers of traffic to your website, are no longer viable as stand-alone content marketing options. Your content marketing campaign must also include significant investment in video content to succeed and to drive visitors to your website - Video is the best way to achieve this.

It is estimated that almost three-quarters of all the traffic on the internet will be video content in the near future. This makes it imperative for businesses to start fine-tuning their video content. The animated video you create for your organization needs to be on-point, concise, and produced with high production values to generate the positive results you're looking for. Animated videos offer a wide range of options and creative possibilities, beyond traditional live video shoots, from 2D animation and text graphcis to dynamic motion-graphics, 3D, and VR (virtual reality) animation.

Our flexibility, experience and attention to detail cannot be matched by other marketing agencies. Since our start in 1991, our approach has been streamlined through over two decades of branding, visual media, and event production experiences, and allows us to provide our clients with the communication, content, and consistency required to create exceptional events.

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Our professional animation and motion graphcis production services include:

  • Creative Direction
  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Storyboard Developerment
  • Voiceover Casting
  • Motion Graphics & Text Graphcis
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • VR (Virtual Reality) Animation
  • Music Scoring
  • Online Promotion & Social Media Integration

The range of videos and motion graphics productions we produce includes:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Company Videos
  • Recruiting Videos
  • Online TV Content
  • Event Videos
  • Commercials
  • Meeting Presentations
  • Training & eLearning Videos

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